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Start your day with protein and fats. Fix protein to help you eat less food throughout the day and make you feel more balanced and calm. Women who start their day with protein lose an average of 7 pounds less than those who do not eat protein in the morning. Adding fats slows down food absorption and balances blood sugar

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Be sure to avoid moisturizing your toothbrush with water before applying the toothpaste to it. As the dry brush increases the possibility of eliminating plaque by 67% Pay attention to the color of the tongue .. The color of the tongue can be an indication of health problems. So be sure to color it and acquire it for any different color .. The white color indicates weakness in the immune system. Th...

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Daily walking for half an hour or an hour reduces the possibility of developing cancer by 18%. And it helps to get rid of almost 3 kilograms a year. And maintains the body strength.! No need to hurry and speed .. The time must be taken when doing the daily chores .. To avoid exposure to high blood pressure.

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